Workings No. 168 - Fine Art B&W Photography of S&C Design Studios

Fine Art Portfolio

The fine art photography portfolio of Shannon and Colleen Graham, specialists in large and medium format film photography.

The vision is one thing and the technique is another.

The physical process and chemical reactions of producing silver gelatin prints is one of the most fascinating transformations that a person can witness. It is at that moment – as the latent image slowly appears in the developer tray – where the true magic in photography lies. That is the point in which you know that every step you have taken along the way, every detail that you picked at, and every bit of perfection that you demanded was not in vain.

The magic of photography is not lost.

The ‘Workings’ Series

Showing the form, texture and contrast of greasy, rusty and old machines that shaped America’s past with amazing detail that can only be captured on large format film.

Workings No. 163 - Black and White Fine Art Photography by S&C Design Studios

Workings No. 163

A Nostalgic Series

We are nostalgic, it’s true! Not only do we create photographs on film, but many of our subjects have that retro feel that can only be found in vintage and antique objects.

Tea Time - B&W Fine Art Photography of S&C Design Studios

Tea Time

Traditional B&W Work

Contrast and tone, this body of work has no subject in common. It is instead a series of hand-printed black and white photographs created in the most traditional manner.

The Things in the Cupboard - Traditional Film Photography by S&C Design Studios

The Things in the Cupboard

Abstract Darkroom Studies

Sometimes you have to stretch the boundaries and we do this often in the darkroom. Though much of this work looks as if it were created on the computer, they are not! It’s the magic of the darkroom…

Workings No. 186 - Abstract B&W Prints by S&C Design Studios

Workings No. 186

Composition No. 1

The first in a series of collaborative pieces from S&C, Composition No. 1 combines poetry and photography in a 5-print series that reflects on our Midwest roots.

Composition No. 1 - Fine Art of S&C Design Studios

Composition No. 1

From S&C:

Thank you for visiting our website. The work we display here is our passion, a collection of the personal work from our long career as photographers. Photography is our life and we are always exploring new avenues, pursuing new studies, and perfecting processes to advance our work.

We believe that modern photography has lost some of the sparkle that this medium once had and are adamant about continuing the tradition of photography, one that is not reliant on computers and pixels. There is a majesty in film and the final silver print and it is of a quality that no digital process is able to compete with.

Much of our work can be found for sale on Etsy or Saatchi Art. Of course, you can always contact us directly if you’re interested in buying an original silver gelatin or edition print. We also show at a number of art shows throughout the year and following us on Facebook is the best way to learn where we’ll be next.

We hope that you enjoy our work, will contact us with any inquiries and comments, and will come back soon to see our latest work.
-Shannon & Colleen Graham