Shadow Gradient No. 200A - Abstract B&W Photograph by Shannon Graham

Abstract Darkroom Studies

When you know how to create a fine art silver gelatin print, you can break some of the rules. That is the subject of S&C Design Studios’ Darkroom Studies portfolio.

These are the black and white photographs that stretch the definition of photography. Each technique uses all of the elements of traditional analog photography – film, darkroom chemistry and fiber paper – but the look of the final print is unique and completely different from any other piece of artwork.

Each silver gelatin print is original and one-of-a-kind. It can never be duplicated, even by the artist! These are to photography what an original oil painting on canvas is to the fine art painter. They are our creations, our experiments, our studies and life long pursuit of what really is possible within the darkroom walls.

Instant Eternity

A body of work so new that we’re only giving you a sneak peek into how it’s developing. “Instant Eternity” is filled with abstract shapes and clean lines with lots of movement. It’s all composed in the darkroom, too. Each silver gelatin print is truly one-of-a-kind.


Everything that is great about a traditional photograph – the texture, detail, contrast and grain – are captured in the abstract technique that we like to call Axograms.

Workings No. 186 - Abstract B&W Prints by S&C Design Studios

Workings No. 186


The latest darkroom study, Chemgraphs are one of Shannon’s special projects. We will not give any part of this technique away other than to say that he is painting with chemistry to create unique abstract art.

Girl on the Prairie

Among this portfolio are original photographs that utilize a variety of darkroom techniques. A few have been manipulated with special chemistry or the average household items like coffee or wine. A number of them employ the most basic technique of a photogram and a few take that to a new, inverted extreme. You may even find one or two prints in here that use film and paper but have skipped the camera completely!

One thing is for sure… It is all traditional yet contemporary, out of our creative minds and a lot of fun to create and view.

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