S&C Design Studios, LLC is owned and operated by photographers Shannon and Colleen Graham. The studio is located in the Cedar Falls, Iowa area and takes assignments worldwide.

The Story of S&C

Shannon and Colleen Graham have been working together as professional photographers for over 20 years. After college, the Grahams moved to New England to assist some of the best photographers in the Portsmouth, Portland, and Boston areas. After a few years, they returned to the Midwest to open their own commercial photography studio, S&C Design Studios.

The Commercial Work of S&C

No commercial assignment is too big or too small for the team at S&C Design Studios. They have photographed everything from large industrial elevators in the agricultural industry to the smallest bolts and screws for wholesale catalogs. Whether the job is accurately capturing a product in the studio or creating a beautiful image of a building on location, this is the team your business needs to produce the best advertising images.

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The professional photography team specializes in commercial and fine art photography.

Tabletop Photography Set in S&C Design Studios - Professional Photographer Cedar Falls, Iowa
Tabletop Photography Set in S&C Design Studios

The Fine Art Work of S&C

Aside from their work on a full spectrum of commercial photography assignments, each of the team is continually exploring new avenues of photographic art. They have been called “Mr. & Mrs. B&W” by colleagues because their primary focus is hand-printed, traditional, black and white photography.

Their newest body of work is completely analog using film cameras and producing silver gelatin prints in the studio’s darkroom.

Shannon is a master of large format photography and uses his trusty Cambo 4×5 view camera to capture amazingly detailed images. Colleen prefers using medium format film in her vintage Speed Graflex and Hasselblad cameras to capture small scenes of everyday life.

The couple shoots exclusively with black and white film in their fine art work – it is not a regression, but a return to their roots. Their studio has a fully functional darkroom where they produce silver gelatin prints by hand. Shannon also works with alternative processes, many of which are proprietary techniques

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Speed Graflex Camera on Display at Hearst Center for the Arts Exhibit - Fine Art Photography of S&C Design Studios
Speed Graflex Camera on Display at Hearst Center for the Arts Exhibit

More From S&C

The Grahams also specialize in photographing and writing about the liquor and beverage industries. They often collaborate (Colleen writing and Shannon behind the camera) on outlets such as The Spruce and in their book Tequila: Cocktails with a Kick (released 2017 by Sellers Publishing). Colleen also runs a drinks-only website at SCDrinkStudio.com.