We’re excited to announce that our book, “Tequila: Cocktails with a Kick” is now available. It’s a new edition of the first tequila book, with a few updates and a fantastic new look. Sellers Publishing did a great job on giving it a facelift and you’re going to love it as much as we do.

From Sellers Publishing:

Tequila celebrates the too-often underrated Mexican distilled spirit. With a taste profile unlike any other distilled spirit, tequila can be paired with a multitude of flavors, or even imbibed as a sipping drink.
• 90 recipes for finely crafted creative tequila-based cocktails and mixed drinks
• A celebration of the history, production, and culture of tequila
• Information about tequila’s unique taste profile and the multitude of flavors it can be paired with
• Expert advice on enjoying tequila flights and reading a tequila label.

“Tequila Cocktails With a Kick” Book Is Now Available
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