We have been busy in the studio and over the last three days had the pleasure of photographing 15 beautiful women for the I’m Okay with Gray project.

I'm Okay with Gray - Photo Shoot - S&C Design Studios
Colleen Graham photographing a model on her vintage Speed Graflex camera during the I’m Okay with Gray photo shoot.

It was a fabulous group of women. Each with a distinct personality and a great variety of hair and I’m very pleased with the results. The film I’ve developed so far looks exactly how I was hoping and it will be a delight to see these images on paper.

One thing I learned this week is that gray hair is even more beautiful than I thought. The details, when you look very close, are amazing and every woman has a different gradient and texture and I am simply thrilled to have had such willing volunteers.

There were a few breakthroughs during the sessions, both for me and those who sat. I hope that this experience was as memorable for them as it was for me. I learned a lot and enjoyed the energy in the studio through all three days.

To my lovely volunteers… thank you! Each of you brought light to the project and it was fun to chat and get to know you and I cannot express how grateful I am to everyone who did or wanted to participate. You are all beautiful!

As the project progresses, I may do another round sometime in the future (when? I don’t know) and if you are interested, please contact me at sc@scgrahamfoto.com. For those who did not make it into this session, I’ll be in touch to see if you are still interested.

-Colleen Graham

“I’m Okay with Gray” Photo Study – A Thank You