It was inevitable and I have always known it: I would be blessed with grey hair at a young age.OkayGray-selfie

As far back as I can remember, my mother had grey hair and when it was apparent that I had inherited her long fingernails that most women long for, I knew that the platinum locks were not far behind. Reality set in one spring morning when I opened my sunroof, glanced in the rear view mirror, and was greeted by a lone strand of grey sparkling in the sunlight. I was 29 and it was in that moment that I made the decision to go with it, accept and embrace the beauty of the grey.

Things progressed rapidly and soon that single strand became a streak. While other women my age were streaking their colors in at the salon, mine came naturally. I’ve always had blonde highlights, so it isn’t as bold as I may like, though it does pop out in the right light. I recall the day I saw my mother for the first time in months and she immediately caught sight of my bangs and said “Oh, my.” I jokingly tell her it is her fault and she blames hers on me, so we have an understanding.

My acceptance of my own greys has led to an appreciation of women who have also embraced the natural state of their aging hair. I long for the day when my head is fully adorned with those brilliant platinum locks and I want to celebrate the women who join me in this thought.

Call for Models:

In the spring of 2015 I am planning a photo shoot for a photographic study with a working title of I’m Okay with Gray. The shoot will take place at our studio in Cedar Falls, Iowa and I am looking for women of all ages who would like to participate as models. The only stipulation is that you are proud of and have fully accepted your grey (or greying) hair. This is an opportunity to show off the natural beauty of women who are confident about themselves exactly as they are.

No experience is needed and this will not be your typical ‘model shoot’ – think of it more as a fun, casual portrait session with women of like mind and an opportunity to be yourself in front of the camera. There will be no pretensions, expectations, or ‘accepted’ standards of beauty often found in magazines, it will simply be fun. My approach will be as natural as our hair, capturing the diverse personalities that have embraced the facts of life in an interesting way with a simple background and dramatic lighting. Often, the images will be simple head and shoulder shots and close-up details of your beautiful locks.

Due to logistics, I am seeking only local women who would be willing to come into the studio for an hour or two on a Saturday or Sunday this spring. When I receive enough interest, I will set a date for the shoot and give more details to those interested regarding date, time, and clothing (casual, in shades of grey). If you are even slightly interested, please contact me and I will add you to my list. I’m not asking for a firm commitment now, just a general interest and you can make a final decision when more of the details are in place.

This is a personal photographic art project put together with no definitive publication or end goal in mind and the purpose is not for my own monetary gain. That said, it may be published somewhere at some point in the future, so I will require a model release from every woman who participates.

My gift for you: If you are kind enough to give me an hour or so of your time, your smile, and your beautiful hair to photograph, I will return the favor with a gift of prints from the shoot and a copy of whatever publication may come from the project.

If you are interested, please email me at I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and, if you know of a lady who may like to join the fun, pass this link along.


“I’m Okay with Gray” – A Call for Natural Women to Model