Commercial Photography Services

S&C Design Studios specialize in commercial photography and cover a wide range of marketing needs. No product is too large, no factory too dirty, and no assignment too demanding for our team. Learn about our studio’s services…

Industrial Conveyor for Universal Industries - Commercial Photographer Iowa - S&C Design Studios

Industrial Conveyor for Universal Industries

The ‘Workings’ Series

One of our featured bodies of work, the ‘Workings’ series is an ongoing photographic study of old machines, rusty tools and all of the objects that do work. It is a new way to look at the ordinary, focusing on details, texture, contrast and tone. All of the black and white photographs are captured on large format film and hand-printed in the studio’s darkroom. View the ‘Workings’ portfolio…

Workings No. 163 - Black and White Fine Art Photography by S&C Design Studios

Workings No. 163 by Shannon Graham

Darkroom Space Available

Film is not dead and many pro and amateur photographers enjoy working in the darkroom. The only problem is that it takes a lot of work to set up! Whether you are an experienced printer, someone who dabbled in the darkroom in the past, or that person looking to learn a new skill for the fun of it, we’re here to help! Check out our private instruction and darkroom rental page for details…

The Darkroom at S&C Design Studio

The Darkroom at S&C Design Studios

‘Studies in the Reactions of Silver and Light’

B&W Magazine Available from Blurb